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Seattle Allocation of Debts Attorney

In Washington, all debts incurred between a married couple are expected to be split 50/50. If you are married but separated, you are still responsible for all debts incurred by your spouse. This will be the case until the divorce decree has started.

In many divorces, one party will try to harm the other by spending irresponsibly and draining assets. A skilled Seattle family attorney can help stop this problem by visiting the courtroom and getting a court order to prevent irresponsible spending and asset draining. Your spouse will not know about the order until they are served with the documentation informing them of the other.

Our Seattle Divorce Attorney Can Help You Avoid Problems Early On

We recommend taking action to prevent problems early on. When you hire an experienced Seattle family attorney from our firm, we will fight for your best interest through every step of the divorce process. Whether it means getting a court order to prevent excessive spending by your spouse or demonstrating your need for spousal support, our firm always looks out for your interests.