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Seattle Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is terrifying and should never be part of a relationship. Unfortunately, victims of abuse are at great risk of further violence when trying to end abusive relationships. If you or your children are abused by your spouse and wish to seek a divorce, even if you just need some time to think, contact a firm with experience in these situations.

As soon as you contact an experienced Seattle domestic violence attorney, you need to be protected from further abuse. We will immediately seek protection for you and your children before your spouse lashes out. Your safety is our first priority. As such, we will ensure your spouse cannot contact you or your kids.

When you contact our firm, we will immediately acquire a temporary protection order and contact the authorities if necessary. Within two weeks you will need to appear at the court to discuss your need for a permanent protection order. It pays to have a sympathetic Seattle domestic violence lawyer at your side during this time.

Consult Our Seattle Family Attorney about Taking the Next Steps

When you accuse your spouse of domestic violence, you can prevent them from entering your home and from making contact with you and your children. Permanent protection orders also revoke a person's right to bear arms, meaning you and your child will never have to worry about your ex threatening you with a firearm. It may also make it much harder for your spouse to obtain parental custody rights.

If you have been a victim of any type of abuse, physical or emotional, contact a Seattle family attorney from our firm in Washington State to ensure protection for your new abuse-free life.