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Enforcement/Contempt in Divorce Cases

In some cases of divorce, one or more of the spouses will attempt to punish the other spouse through ignoring or sometimes willfully violating the judge’s ruling. The state of Washington has specific laws regarding divorce enforcement to protect its citizens. But oftentimes, you will need the help of an experienced Seattle family lawyer to help you receive the justice you deserve.

The first step is typically to file a petition with the court to hold your ex-spouse in contempt of court---a legal recognition of insubordination. However, the process of dealing with the spouse in contempt depends on the specific ruling he or she is failing to act upon.

Our Divorce Attorney Can Help You Secure Child Support

In the case of child support, the Division of Child Support can help our clients free of charge. Clients are often happily surprised to find that where the non-paying parent has a working job, the state can garnish the non-paying parent’s wages. The court sometimes has trouble collecting payments from self-employed parents, but can still inflict certain punishments like suspension of a driver’s license or jail time.

Apart from child support, it is common that clients come to the Seattle family attorney for help with receiving court ruled property or assistance with orders to pay debts. In these types of cases, our lawyers can help you receive further court proceedings to transfer titles of ownership or prized possessions with or without the cooperation of the spouse in contempt.

If you have questions or need assistance in enforcing the rulings of your divorce or custody order, contact the Seattle family attorney today.

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