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Seattle Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

Our Seattle Family Lawyers have many years of experience working on all types of divorce cases, from no-fault divorce to complicated military divorce. Our legal team is able to provide a variety of different divorce services to better meet the needs of individual cases.

If you and your divorcing spouse are thinking about filing for a no-fault divorce, or perhaps want to handle your divorce yourselves, you may want to consider the option of a flat fee divorce.

Our Seattle Family Attorney Is Highly Effective

A flat fee divorce is a type of divorce where your attorney acts as more of a consultant rather than handling the entire case. You the necessary documents for a divorce as well as legal assistance fulfilling all family court requirements.

Flat fee divorce services are a more economic option for couples that don’t really need extensive litigation or meditative services. If you and your divorcing spouse think you can come to an agreement about issues such as child custody and the separation of your assets, there is no reason why you cannot minimize the cost your divorce with a flat fee divorce.

If any of this seems appealing to you or someone you know, do not hesitate to contact our office today for a free initial consultation regarding your divorce.