Seattle Legal Separation Attorney

If you and your spouse have not completely decided on getting a divorce, but do wish to part ways for some length of time, a legal separation may be right for you.

A legal separation is not a divorce, but more of an official acknowledgement that two spouses have decided to separate. By filing for a legal separation, you can file for child custody, child support, and spousal support payments. Similar to a divorce case, the judge will also ask you and your spouse to come up with a parenting plan to determine how you will care for your children’s needs during your separation.

A legal separation is an excellent option for a religious couple, or perhaps a couple that wants to seek counseling or some other help while they try to work on their marriage. If this sounds like your case, one of our Seattle Family Lawyers can help you begin the process of filing for a legal separation and go over all of your options with you.

We understand that coming to the decision of wanting a legal separation is not an easy thing; a Seattle Family Lawyer can walk you through this difficult time and answer any questions you may have.

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