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Seattle Military Divorce Lawyer

At the law office of the Seattle Family Lawyer, we handle all types of divorce cases tailored to the needs of our clients. If you are in the military or are a military spouse seeking a divorce, our Seattle Family Lawyer can provide you with quality military divorce representation.

Military divorces are slightly different then civilian divorces.  You can file for a military divorce in Seattle if you or your spouse is living in Seattle or stationed in Seattle, even if you were not married in the state of Washington. 

A Seattle Family lawyer has experience and is ready to take on your case

Military divorces also involve the matter of the military spouse’s pension and other military spouse benefits.  If you are seeking a military divorce, it is very important that you retain an attorney experienced in military divorce law.

Our Seattle Military Divorce Attorney Works Diligently

In the event that you or your spouse is currently active duty or perhaps stationed overseas, we can help you determine how to proceed.  There are ways to suspend divorce proceedings in order to avoid the headache of a divorce while a client is actively serving his or her country.  Our Seattle Family Lawyer will work diligently to represent you in all matters of asset division, child custody, spousal support, and any other matter that arises during negotiations.

Allow us to help you during this time of transition in your life. Contact our law office to speak with an experienced Seattle military divorce lawyer.