Modification of Visitation Attorney in Seattle

Visitation rights and parenting plans are modifiable at any time. If you have a visitation order that needs to be modified for any reason, contact us today to speak with a Seattle Family Lawyer about your case.

Visitation rights are an important part of any parenting plan, one that is required if you are going to get divorced. We would hope that visitation rights could be easily agreed upon between the divorcing parties, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Even after a resolution has been reached, a visitation order may need to be modified for reasons such as:

Even if you have never been married to your child’s parent, please rest assured that all hope is not lost. The Seattle Family lawyer can help you petition the court on your behalf.

The Seattle divorce attorney has ample experience establishing visitation rights for domestic partners, divorced couples, divorced step-parents, or whatever parenting a client is trying to navigate. The state of Washington takes the wellbeing of its children very seriously. The Seattle divorce attorney will work with the courts on your behalf to establish what is best for your child. Contact us today for your consultation.