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Fathers are expected to provide support for their children. If a couple separates (married or not), this means he has the right to visitation and the responsibility of child support. If either person disputes the man's rights and responsibility as the father, they may initiate a paternity action. Even if the man has signed an affidavit of paternity and the birth certificate, he is not legally the father until the paternity court has made the decision that he is the father.

In most paternity cases, the court will order a DNA test. The state of Washington believes it is important for both parents to be active in the life of a child, so once the father is decided, the court will generally permit him visitation rights. If the woman wishes to limit contact of the father due to a substance abuse problem or history of violence, it is best to provide that information to the court at the paternity case. The court will take both sides arguments into account and select a visitation schedule they believe to be best suited for the child or children involved.

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