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Post-Dissolution Order Modifications in Seattle

Following a long and emotionally taxing divorce proceeding, no client wants to go back to court to change their dissolution order. However, sometimes it is necessary to receive some sort of modification to your divorce order rulings, and in these rare cases the Seattle family attorney can help.

Most post-dissolution order modifications have to do with child support. Child support is ordered according to the best interests of the child and the financial situation of the parents. In the event that that the non-custodial parent changes jobs or careers resulting in an increase or decrease in income, the court may order a change in the amount of child support due. The Seattle family lawyer can also help you with modifications concerning visitation or custody disputes.

Post-divorce modifications of court orders an also be ruled in cases of spousal support or property/asset division. Like child support, spousal support can be changed according to the financial situation of the more advantaged party. If an ex-wife for instance experiences a sudden increase in expenses like an increased mortgage rate or inflation of a child’s tuition fees, her ex-husband may be ordered to pay an increased amount of spousal support accordingly. Clients should note however, that an increase in spousal support is never guaranteed in such cases.

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The Seattle family lawyer can also help with divisions of property and assets. It is rare that a property order will be modified, but in the case of fraud or neglect of debt, an order modification can be granted.

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