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Prenuptials Lawyer in Seattle

If you are getting married, you are probably excited and buzzing about your happy years together. What you may be overlooking however, is the importance a prenuptial agreement can actually have on your marriage. While most people think that contacting a Seattle divorce lawyer to help draw up a prenuptial contract will only help their marriage if it ends in a divorce -an aspect few soon-to-be-wed couples want to think about, these agreements can actually help make a good relationship even stronger.

Prenuptials can actually help a couple get through a rough spot because the parties involved will not be focused on what will happen if things don't work out. Since the agreement details financial matters, child custody and child support, arguments can be focused on the matter at hand and not on "what if" scenarios. As a top family law firm in Washington, each Seattle divorce attorney in our office has seen marriages that have actually been saved through the security provided through a prenuptial agreement.

Any Potential Future Divorce Will Be Much Simpler Due to Your Prenuptials

If the marriage does end at some point, the divorce itself will be less painful and drawn out because each party's Seattle divorce lawyer will need to simply examine the pre-agreed on contract that was created while the couple was in an amicable state and then make arrangements accordingly. By having a prenuptial agreement, the couple can avoid arguments that will take place while tempers and emotions are already high and each person will be able to take away the property and rights that they actually wanted. This way no one will lay claim to something solely for the sake of hurting their ex.

While prenuptial agreements can be extremely helpful for many marriages, they are still a somewhat taboo topic. If you need help bringing up the matter to your spouse, a Seattle divorce attorney from our offices can help. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.