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Property Division Lawyer in Seattle

Property division is often one of the biggest concerns of those seeking a divorce. After all, no one wants to feel like they have worked so hard to obtain what they have made only to give it all away to their partner. The reality of property division is much more complex than that though because it is based on what each person has put in to the marriage. No matter how complex or confusing your property division process though, a Seattle family lawyer from our firm can help you get the most from your settlement.

In low-asset short marriages, the asset division process can be rather quick because most of the couple's property will have been obtained before marriage and not subject to property division. In longer marriages though, particularly those with lots of property, the process can quickly become much more complex because anything that was obtained during the marriage will be subject to the divorce proceedings. The only things exempted from this law are inheritances and anything covered in a prenuptial agreement. The first thing your Seattle family attorney will do in these situations is help you sort out your property to learn exactly which assets are subject to division.

Our Seattle Divorce Attorney Will Focus on Equitable Distribution

It is very important to understand that equitable distribution is not equal distribution. Distribution is based on how much each partner put into the marriage. These calculations consider working to be just as important as housekeeping and watching the children, so simply because one person stayed at home does not mean he or she is not subject to a fair settlement. On the other hand, if the person who stayed at home through the days did not cook, clean or watch the children, but simply watched television and snacked all day, he or she would likely lose most of the marital property. Your Seattle family lawyer can help you prove just how much you put into your marriage to show that you are deserving of a fair share of the marital property.

If you have any questions about property division or how it may affect you, please call our offices and schedule a free initial consultation with a top Seattle family attorney.