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Seattle Child Support Attorney

When determining the due amount of child support, Washington State courts use a complex schedule of fees based on the percentage of the paying parent’s income in proportion to the total available net income of the whole family and the number of children. The amount can vary for special circumstances, such as educational needs, daycare, etc. When the combined income of the parents exceeds $7000, the support level is capped, unless the receiving party shows they need more funding for the children’s well-being.

A Seattle family attorney can be crucial in assuring the child support payment is proper and well-enforced based on the earnings of the paying party’s income. You may need a lawyer to subpoena bank records to show the income received by the other parent involved. If the paying parent has been avoiding support payments or sending to little, our firm can help to assure your rights are enforced. This enforcement can include wage garnishments or even jail time, depending on the severity of the non-paying party’s violations. Additionally, our attorneys can help you petition for child support modifications if either parent’s financial circumstances have significantly changed.

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Whatever happens in your child support dealings, a Seattle child support lawyer from our firm can be the crucial piece in getting the revenue your child rightly deserves.