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Allocation of debt and division of property are generally permanent once a divorce court has made its decision. However, child support, child custody and spousal support are allowed to be modified until the end of the order.

Support payments are generally permitted to change if either party has had a major difference in their income. A person making support payments will not be expected to pay as much money if they face a dramatic loss of income or if their ex has started making quite a bit more money. Of course, if the opposite circumstances occur, they may be expected to pay more support. Generally, these cases cannot be changed until one to two years after the original court decision, depending on the specifics involved.

The process is different in changing child custody agreements. To make these changes, both parties must agree to the changes, or else one party will need to present evidence in a court hearing to show they have met the minimum requirements for a modification. For example, if a parent was denied custody of the child until they received steady employment and a suitable home, that person may argue in the court that custody should be allowed since those requirements were met.

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