Seattle Spousal Support Lawyer

The state of Washington has will sometimes award spousal support during a divorce proceeding. Sometimes referred to as spousal maintenance or alimony, the amount of spousal support awarded is determined upon two factors: disparity of income (or earning capacity) and the length of a marriage.

Say for example that a divorcing couple both work as highly paid corporate attorneys. In this instance, spousal support will probably not be awarded. However, in the case of a couple where the father worked and the mother was a homemaker and a stay at home mother for 10 years, spousal support will oftentimes be awarded.

The primary purpose of spousal support is to help the awarded spouse transition into their new life apart from their marriage. In the state of Washington, spousal support could be awarded for a period of a few months up to a few years. It is important for clients to note that the amount of support depends on the other spouse’s ability to pay, not a fixed or pre-approved number.

In the event that a divorcing couple is older in their years, the court may award lifetime spousal support until the event of death or remarriage.

Because spousal support is determined by a judge and the divorce legislation can be complicated and confusing, you will need the best Seattle divorce attorney to fight for what you deserve.

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