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Seattle Visitation Rights Lawyer

Visitation rights are an important part of any parenting plan, which by law the state of Seattle requires following the dissolution of a marriage. Every parent wants to do what is best for their child, especially during divorce proceedings. We would hope that visitation rights could be easily agreed upon between the divorcing parties, but unfortunately this is not always the case. If you need legal help establishing visitation rights, contact the Seattle divorce attorney today.

Non-Married Parents

Every child custody dispute is different. If you are a parent seeking custody or visitation rights for a child whose other parent you were never married to, please rest assured that all hope is not lost. The Seattle divorce lawyer can help you and petition the court on your behalf.

Grandparents Rights

Following a divorce, grandparents usually have questions about whether the custodial parent is allowed to sever the relationship between them and their grandchildren. The short answer is not necessarily. Grandparents have rights, especially if one or more of the grandparents have provided any sort of care for the child.

The Seattle divorce attorney has ample experience establishing visitation rights for domestic partners, divorced couples, divorced step-parents, or whatever parenting a client is trying to navigate. The state of Washington takes the wellbeing of its children very seriously. The Seattle divorce attorney will work with the courts on your behalf to establish what is best for your child. Contact us today for your consultation.